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The Helpdesk Administration and Management program is intended for students who want to prepare for a challenging and rewarding career in Information Technology. The program provides opportunities for students to become independent and lifelong learners. Students experience challenging activities and acquire critical-thinking skills as they apply problem-solving models. The commitment to provide a program of excellence is evident in the broad student-centered and project-based goals of the Information Technology curriculum. The Helpdesk Administration and Management program validates skills on computer operating systems, preventative maintenance, basic networking, installation, troubleshooting, communication and professionalism. This 200 hour program is meant to go beyond basic concepts and skills in today’s fast paced industry in Information Technology.

Course Clock Hours Course Name
IST210C 50 Computer Organization
IST211C 50 Computer Organization II
CIS150C 50 Introduction to Networking
CIS212C 50 Network Security Concepts
200 Total Clock Hours
Evenings, Program Length 20 weeks

Computer Organization / 50 clock hours

Computer Organization provides students with knowledge and skills regarding the maintenance, Upgrading, and configuration of PC hardware, components, and peripherals. Upon successful completion of this course, students are able to maintain, upgrade, and configure PC systems. Students receive both classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory experience
es. A strong emphasis is placed on proper security practices and industry ethics. The student will also be introduced to the skills and techniques required to provide outstanding customer service and support.
No prerequisites

Computer Organization II / 50clock hours

This course covers computer peripheral devices. Students are introduced to the internal function, operation, maintenance, and repair of these devices. The course also covers operating systems, security, mobile devices and troubleshooting. Preventive and corrective maintenance, configuration, installation, and safety issues are presented. Call handling best practices, communication and listening techniques, conflict negotiation, and responses to difficult customer behaviors will also be covered.
Prerequisite: Computer Organization

Introduction to Networking / 50 clock hours

This course covers troubleshooting, configuring, and managing common network wireless and wired devices, establish basic network design and connectivity, understand and maintain network documentation, identify network limitations and weaknesses, and implement network security, standards, and protocols. The candidate will have a basic understanding of emerging technologies including unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies.
Prerequisite: Computer Organization II

Network Security Concepts / 50 clock hours

The main goal of this course is to ensure the student has the knowledge and skills required to identify risk, to participate in risk mitigation activities, and to provide infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. In addition, the successful candidate will apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, identify appropriate technologies and products, troubleshoot security events and incidents, and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Networking