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Business Administration Certificate Program Overview

ECPI University offers Certificate programs (also referred to as Micro-credentials) that focus on specific skill sets. These programs are shorter than traditional degree programs and are designed to meet the needs of working professionals so that they can stay competitive in their field. Certificate programs may be offered in a variety of ways to suit the learning style and schedules of individuals. They may include remote learning, instructor led in-seat learning, hybrid courses, and online courses.

About Business Administration Certificates

Lean Methodology and Project Management. The modern workplace is more complex than ever. As a consequence, collaboration skills are more important than ever. This program introduces participants to management methods, designed around collaboration used to increase performance through enhancing the efficiency of teams and systems:

Lean Six Sigma draws heavily on statistical analysis to reduce or eliminate waste, lower defects, and improve customer satisfaction. The emphasis is on developing and implementing a process that ensures quality.

Project Management focuses on developing and implementing processes to ensure a project is successfully completed on time, with in project scope and on budget.

Students will work hands-on with tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Excel that are commonly used to practice these methods to reinforce theory.

Principles of Accounting. The certificate program is designed for the individual working in a bookkeeping setting and is tasked with journal entries and understanding ledger accounts and cards. This certificate will focus an understanding on money management and tracking.

Lean Methodology and Project Management

8 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
BUS328 Business Process Improvement 3
BUS328L Business Process Improvement LAB 1
BUS472 Applied Project Management 3
BUS472L Applied Project Management LAB 1

Principles of Accounting

12 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
ACC160 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC161 Principles of Accounting II 3
ACC309 Managerial Accounting for Managers 3
ACC330 Cost Accounting 3