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Criminal Justice Micro-Credential Program Overview

ECPI University offers Certificate programs (also referred to as Micro-credentials) that focus on specific skill sets. These programs are shorter than traditional degree programs and are designed to meet the needs of working professionals so that they can stay competitive in their field. Micro-Credential programs may be offered in a variety of ways to suit the learning style and schedules of individuals. They may include remote learning, instructor led in-seat learning, hybrid courses, and online courses.

About Criminal Justice Micro-Credentials

Law Enforcement Management. The micro-credential program covers aspects of management fundamentals within the context of the Criminal Justice system. Courses are designed to help those already in law enforcement meet the academic requirements deemed beneficial for promotional consideration. Students will learn multicultural communication strategies, components of conducting criminal investigations, law enforcement managements systems, and more.

Digital Forensics. The micro-credential program introduces aspects of how the field of criminal investigation is evolving due to rapid changes in technology. Students will be introduced to cybercrime investigation procedures and students will gain hands-on experience collecting data from digital devices including; phones, tablets and computers. The program is designed to provide current law enforcement officers with academic experience deemed beneficial for transitioning to Digital Forensic Examiner roles.

Foundations of Law Enforcement. This micro-credential is designed for those seeking entry level positions in state and local law enforcement as well as correctional facilities where preference is given to those with related collegiate training but a degree is not required. The program covers aspects of the Criminal Justice system including a foundation in understanding criminal law and the rights of both law enforcement and citizens. It also provides a background to understand the Bill of Rights and US Constitution so that students gain an understanding for the role of law enforcement in our Criminal Justice system.

Law Enforcement Management

12 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
CJ200 Investigations 3
CJ245 Multi-Cultural Communication for Law Enforcement 3
CJ361 Law Enforcement Management 3
CJ430 Conflict Management 3

Digital Forensics

15 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
CIS115 Office Applications 3
CJ125 Criminal Procedure 3
CJ229 Cybercrime Investigations 3
CJ310 Digital Forensic Analysis 3
CJ315 Mobile Device Forensics 3

Foundations of Law Enforcement

12 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
CJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJ106 Criminal Law I 3
CJ325 CJ Special Populations 3
CJ125 Criminal Procedure 3