Earn Micro-Credentials Through ECPI University

Discover competency-based Micro-Credentials at an accelerated pace and advance your career! 

Are you looking to stay competitive in your field? Technology has transformed the way we think, act and learn. This is especially true when it comes to the workplace. If technology has adapted, shouldn’t the way we receive our education adapt too? Today’s employers are looking for new ways to verify the knowledge and skills their workforce has gained during their professional journey. Micro-credentials are the perfect option for individuals looking to learn specific skills and add invaluable assets to their resume in their own way, on their own time. 

ECPI University offers several different Certificate programs, or Micro-credentials, that can help prepare students and working professionals gain employment in their desired field or advance their current professional career. Our micro-credential programs focus on specific skill sets and take less time to attain compared to traditional degree programs. ECPI University’s Micro-Credential programs may be offered in a variety of ways to suit the unique learning styles and schedules of each individual allowing you to advance one specific skill at a time. 

Our micro-credential programs, which are offered for the in demand areas of technology, criminal justice, business and culinary arts, may include: 

  • Remote learning
  • Instructor led in-seat learning
  • Hybrid courses
  • Online courses

If you’re a working professional looking to stay competitive in your field, discover several options available to you by clicking your desired field area below.