Industrial Maintenance


Industrial Maintenance Technicians install, maintain and repair electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment. They also assist in the development, testing, production, and quality assurance of equipment and components such as: circuit boards, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, pumps, and control systems. Skills in the Industrial Maintenance field can be applied in various areas including maintenance and repair, installation, quality assurance, and research and development.

The Industrial Maintenance curriculum provides the education and foundation needed for employment in a variety of related industries in both the private and public sector including automation and manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries.

The certificate program offers students the chance to work with and troubleshoot programmable logic controllers and integrated systems, learn by doing while grasping a firm theoretical foundation in electronics and mechanical technology, and put into practice acquired knowledge through several hands-on projects.

Program Objectives 

Graduates of the Industrial Maintenance certificate program are expected to attain the following objectives within a few years of graduation:

  • Apply mathematical, science, and engineering methods to solve technical problems
  • Perform as effective team members through adequate oral and written communication skills
  • Relate and exercise an educated judgment regarding their professional and ethical responsibilities 
  • Pursue lifelong learning and successful professional careers

Program Outcomes

Students in the Industrial Maintenance certificate program learn to apply technical and analytical skills in electrical, electronics, and related industry to solve engineering problems and maintain equipment and facilities. They apply basic math and engineering principles to solve technical problems and implement complex hardware and software systems.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Industrial Maintenance program, graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze and implement electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems including both hardware and software
  • Analyze and record results for standard tests and measurements
  • Communicate effectively by preparing technical reports, documenting work, and by making individual and group presentations 
  • Function effectively as a member of a technical team

Through ECPI University’s year-round schedule, students can earn a Certificate in Industrial Maintenance in one year.

Course Course Name Credit Hours
EET110 Electric Circuits I 3
EET111 Electric Circuits II 3
EET111L Electric Circuits LAB 1
EET120 Semiconductor Devices 3
EET121 Electronic Systems Applications 3
EET192 Graphics Communication 3
EET220 Industrial Applications 3
EET221L Instrumentation and Measurement LAB 1
EET231 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 3
EET231L Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers LAB 1
EET331 Programmable Controllers and Robotics 3
EET331L Programmable Controllers and Robotics LAB 1
ET102 Engineering Math and Software Applications 3
ET210 Capstone Project 3
FOR110 Essentials for Success 3
MET222 Mechanical Drives and Power Transmission 3
MET230 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems 3
MET230L Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems LAB 1
MET232 Pumps 3
MTH131 College Algebra 3

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