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Whether you are looking into Cyber Security, Software Development or Cloud Computing, Linux is the world’s most popular open source operating system. From smartphones to cars, supercomputers, and home appliances, the Linux operating system is everywhere. In this course students will learn how to install, configure, and maintain an Enterprise Linux system in a networked environment. Basic administrative tasks covered include: creating and managing users, creating and maintaining file systems, determining and implementing security measures, and performing software installation and package management. Linux networking topics include installing and supporting SSH, NFS, Samba and the Apache Web server.

Course Clock Hours Course Name



Linux Administration



Advanced Linux Administration

100 Total Clock Hours
Evenings, Program Length 28 weeks

Linux Administration / 50 clock hours

This course will provide students with essential knowledge to begin using and managing Linux using a generic platform operating system. Students will learn about open source software, its advantages and how it enhances system security in a complex IT industry. Upon successful course completion, students will be able to manage the operating system architecture, customize the system, mount and unmount devices, and do basic network administration including administering user accounts, problems diagnostics, system commands, and utilities.
Prerequisite: None

Advanced Linux Administration / 50 clock hours

This course will provide students with the knowledge to implement Linux network security, network connectivity issues, problem diagnostics, system commands and utilities. Student will learn to configure a Linux system, installing and configuring web, ftp, and DNS services, providing Windows interoperability, and troubleshooting a Linux system by using log files. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to manage a Linux based server at an intermediate level in a variety of settings.
Prerequisite: None